The 5 year term of the existing administration is near to an end and shortly standing MHK’s and new candidates will commence their campaigns.

 The world of politics is getting increasingly demanding and during the next 5 years of our administration a large number of decisions will have to be made on the future scope of government.

We believe that the House of Keys will have to endure some sole searching debates, departmental issues and our relationship with the UK and other jurisdictions.

LibVan has a team of external strategists, political advisers and corporate leaders who can offer their opinions and suggestions on the way ahead at no cost to our treasury.

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All our candidates would be delighted if your able to help them in their campaign to inform and talk to their electors of the aims and ambitions of Lib Van.

Some of the help required is:-

  • Leaflet Delivery
  • Canvassing (arranging candidates visits)
  • Help in the committee room on election day
  • Polling Booth Teller (on a rota basis)
  • Tele Canvassing
  • Voter Transport


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