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Lawrie Calls For A Living Wage1 min read

On January 17th LibVan and Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper will bring a motion to Tynwald to ask that the Government bring forward proposals for a voluntary living wage by October this year.

Despite the challenging financial times (or perhaps especially because of them) it is essential that people who are working a full-time job are earning enough to meet their cost of living from their salary, without the need to resort to additional Government support.

Many on-Island employers are already part of the UK voluntary living wage scheme for the UK parts of the businesses – and LibVan are sure many more Island employers would be if there was a similar scheme on Island.

A voluntary scheme would allow employers to stand up and be counted and to advertise the fact that they are living wage employers, whilst at the same time giving other employers something to aim for.

LibVan calls on the Council of Ministers to support this motion, to support employers who are already committed to the Island and to support people working hard to grow our Island economy.

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