LibVan is glad that common sense prevailed<span class=1 min read" src="" itemprop="image">

LibVan is glad that common sense prevailed1 min read

LibVan is glad that common sense prevailed and the Minister for Home Affairs has agreed to keep the iconic Ramsey Courthouse in public ownership by accepting an offer from Ramsey Commissioners

The public response to the Minister’s short sighted decision to sell off a piece of our architectural history was to mobilise and make their views clearly known.

In an impressive display of unity, the people of Ramsey, supported by their MHKs, rallied around the Commissioners and their attempts to safeguard the heart of the town.

LibVan party Chairman Roy Redmayne said “This is sending a clear message to this new administration that people on our Island are expecting more from this Government and they aren’t going to sit back and let decisions go unchallenged.

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