I welcome you to our web pages which I hope will give you an insight into LibVan, it’s aims, ambitions, mission and in particular news and information on our elected politicians and issues which are of our concern.

Biography Clips

Kate’s parents, Norman & Joan Costain were avid small holders and her childhood was spent at many different properties throughout the island.

Upon leaving school she started her working life at Howarth’s Bookmakers then moving to Sporting Investments. 

Next Kate trained in accountancy becoming head of a department after which she landed an engagement  in financial services in the Caribbean.

Arriving back in the Isle of Man she met Tony her husband and they jointly operate Manx Home Care domiciliary care services

From thereon Kate got involved with politics and LibVan as one of a number of founding members.

In 2011 Kate was elected as an MHK for Douglas South and returned in the 2016 elections whenupon she was appointed the Minister for Health and Social Care with the political responsibility for an annual budget in the region of £250,000,000 and a staff register of 2,500 +.


Some of Kate’s Issues

Kate has during the past years pledged to scrutinise many issues of government which adversely affected the daily lives of island residents…. it started with the reciprocal health agreement with the UK when upon LibVan secured an arrangement with insurers to cover every resident for health costs for the price of a cup of coffee per journey to the UK.

It was followed by her investigation into the Sefton loan which resulted in a Minister “falling on his sword” and resigning his ministerial appointment.

Then came questions on the pot of cash, 50 million pounds being transferred to CinemaMX to invest in potential film block busters, non of which has ever made a distribution profit.

The health service has constantly been in her radar, particularly the political management which caused a senior management reshuffle, change in the Minister and appointment of a new CEO.

She is particularly concerned that there is no independent regulator appointed to oversee health services unlike a large percentage of other jurisdictions… our Health Ministers’ answer that there is a “shortage of cash” to cover cost.

The continuing engagement of Dependability Ltd to assess benefit claimants be investigated as lately there has been a lot of horrendous emails and messages asking for help and quoting that their assessment was flawed with incorrect procedures and statements.

Her proposal of priority budgeting in Government is gradually gaining support which will mean that your money will be spent where most needed.