A New Model & Style of Leadership of Government<span class=1 min read" src="http://www.liberalvannin.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Chief-Minister.jpg" itemprop="image">

A New Model & Style of Leadership of Government1 min read

Kate is the only candidate to be Chief Minister:-

√  That can claim support in three different constituencies of the Isle of Man because constituents who voted Lib Van did so on a common manifesto.

√  To date has guaranteed inclusion of each and every member of the Keys to be part of the formulation of  policy and an agreed manifesto for the next five years.

√  To date has promised that outside the agreed formulated policy members of the Keys will have a free vote.

√  That would banish collective responsibility and guarantee the new members of Keys and the public true democratic rights.

The climate of change has arrived and Kate is more than happy to work with the new Independent elected members of the House of Keys.

We firmly believe that the Chief Minister can only be elected to the position by those who were democratically elected in the recent election.

The country will demand that this is the case.

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