The Liberal Vannin Party was founded in 2006 by Peter Karran

The party stood nine candidates in the Manx general election, 2006, with two of them being elected.

Peter Karran for Onchan and Bill Malarkey for Douglas South.

Peter received more votes in Onchan than any other candidate on the Isle of Man in the election.

After being elected representing the Liberal Vannin Party, Bill Malarkey resigned from the party and sat as an Independent.

In the Manx general election, 2011, the Liberal Vannin Party stood ten candidates, received 20.9% of the vote and returned three Members of the House of Keys.

These were Peter Karran and Zac Hall in Onchan, and Kate Beecroft in Douglas South.

Kate standing as the official Liberal Vannin candidate, defeated Bill Malarkey who had previously been a member of the party but was instead contesting the seat as an Independent.

From 2011 to 2012, Peter served in the Isle of Man Government as the Minister of Education and Children.

.In 2014 Kate Beecroft was elected Leader of the Liberal Vannin Party.

Peter Karran Ard has given notice that he does not wish to stand for election in September 2016

Kate_Swearing in_2011

2011 Kate Sworn In By The First Deemster