Petition of Redress of Jonathan Irving<span class=1 min read" src="" itemprop="image">

A petition was presented on behalf of Jonathan Irving former Managing Director and 100% shareholder of Street Heritage Ltd (In Liquidation), developers, builders and renovators of many properties in Peel.

Any person may approach Tynwald Hill on Tynwald Day and present a Petition for Redress if the Petition is in accordance with the Standing Orders of Tynwald.

Any Member of Tynwald may subsequently request that Tynwald consider the substance of the petition.

Matters are indeed redressed by this simple but ancient procedure which can lead directly to the enactment of legislation.

It is recognised that Street Heritage Ltd were a “Beacon of Light” in the regeneration of Peel.  They were also promoters and 100% financial providers of the renowned Peel Festival.

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